group courses in woodworking

Taught in collaboration with Allied Woodshop in Downtown Los Angeles.

intro to woodworking 

This workshop introduces participants to the function and safe use of the most commonly used tools for furniture making. Participants will use the table saw, bandsaw, jointer, planer, and drill press to make a cutting board. Instructors will discuss how to select material, orient grain for a pleasing aesthetic, mill wood, and choose a proper finish. This is an excellent introductory class to learn about the concepts and machines used in woodworking. More details...

Select Saturdays, 9 - 4PM at Allied Woodshop

Make a wooden hand plane

This workshop will teach you how to construct your own hand planes using a Hock Tools iron and hardwoods for the body and sole. You will mill the wood, create the pin and the wedge, glue-up the plane, and then shape it using the bandsaw and rasps. In addition to building the plane, you will learn how to sharpen the iron and tune up the plane to keep it singing. More details...

October 14 & 15 // SIGN UP

intro to woodworking II: build a wooden box

Intro to Woodworking II builds on the skills that students learned in Intro to Woodworking. Throughout the process of making a wooden box, participants will hone their milling techniques while developing new skills in layout, cutting to size, and basic box joinery. We will discuss lumber selection and grain graphics, and students will choose to work with walnut, maple, or cherry. Each participant will begin with a rough board and learn how to rough cut the lumber before completing milling and joinery. Finally, we'll explore surface preparation and options for finishing. More details...